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Recruiting Meets the Gig Economy

Welcome to Bounty Hunter World – the future of social recruitment where recruiting meets the gig-economy.

We're reshaping the way you find your dream job or the ideal candidate by harnessing the power of referrals. Imagine a community-driven gig economy where your network becomes your net worth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Search for live jobs on the Bounties page. If you have someone in your network that is suitable, recommend them for the position. Once the position is filled the Bounty is split as below:

  • 10% split between those users that recommend people who achieved an interview
  • 50% goes to the Bounty Hunter who recommends the successful hire

If your recommended person is not on the Bounty Hunter platform yet click the invite connection button to send them a hyperlink to their email

How do I recommend someone?

Open the position you would like to recommend them for. Click the Recommend button. Recommend them! Simple

How do I post a bounty?

Add your company in the dashboard. From the company page, create a bounty. Complete the Job description, salary and requirements fields. Click continue, enter payment details and post live bounty

How big a bounty should I post?

This is entirely up to you. A minimum of 5% of Annual salary is the starting point however the bigger the bounties you post, the more interest you will get from Bounty Hunters looking to maximize their 10 Bounties per month.

Can I apply for a job myself?

Yes you can, simply recommend yourself through the same method. It is however best to have someone recommend you as your application is then validated and allows better distribution of Bounties.

How do I get paid?

Once a candidate has been successfully hired the Bounty will be automatically split accordingly. Your in-app wallet will be credited with your share of the Bounty and you can request payment through the Wallet section at any time

What is ‘Reputation’?

Every Bounty Hunter starts with a reputation of 100. For each recommendation that you make that is rejected as ‘Not Suitable’ your reputation will decrease. Each recommendation you make that is suitable your reputation increases by 1, if your recommendation is interviewed this increases to 5 and for a successful hire you will get a reputation enhancement of 10

Can I recommend more than one person for a role?

Yes, but bear in mind you have only 10 Bounties per month to recommend

What if someone else has already recommended the same candidate?

The early bird catches the worm, you snooze you lose, the best Bounty Hunters are the quickest to action. If someone else has beaten you to the punch the Bounty is theirs.

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