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Where Worlds Collide

Bounty Hunter World is Robin Hood meets LinkedIn in the back of an Uber.

We're not just transforming social recruitment; we're redefining it, one connection at a time.

Recruiting Meets the Gig Economy!

Bounty Hunter World is the future of social recruitment. We empower hiring companies to reduce recruiting costs by 50-80%, save valuable time, and broaden their horizons beyond the borders of conventional talent pools.

We are the bridge between Web2 and Web3 as the world moves towards a more decentralized, democratized use of technology. Our approach relies on validated, reputation-based professional referrals. By harnessing the power of social media, we empower our entire community to monetize their networks and connections, rewarding users with a share of the Bounty, recognizing their invaluable role in making meaningful connections that lead to both interviews and hires. It is the goldmine of talent hidden within networks of trusted professionals.

Join the Future of Social Recruitment

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